Friday, February 17, 2012

Measurable reactions

I thought I was impressed by yesterday’s seminar presentation by Philippe Leclerc, the Interactive Communications Manager for the City of Regina…. and then I checked out his website. Now that’s impressive.

I learned a lot about what he had to say about using social media effectively and in particular, what social media can offer in terms of measurability and getting immediate feedback. It was the first time it really clicked for me that social media can be a tool for gathering information, rather than just pumping out information (as targeted and focused as that information may be).

The “citizen engagement” aspect of social media also really intrigued me. I sat beside a classmate yesterday who had called up a city department because she was trying to find out some pretty basic information. From what I gathered, she was transferred to at least three different people and had to make at least four separate calls. By the end she had landed right back where she had started and was talking to the same confused person she had called in the first place.
Now, I’m not saying the people on the other end of the line weren’t polite and helpful, but the whole rigmarole seemed…archaic. And exhausting. And I wasn’t even the one making the calls.
An hour later I was listening to Leclerc as he explained that questions or concerns posted on the City of Regina Facebook page are generally answered quickly and efficiently right online. And not surprisingly, people are appreciative (as noted by the measurable happy face results in Leclerc’s charts)….
After the seminar I texted one of my best friends who lives in Regina.
Me: We just had a City of Regina guy talk to us about social media. Apparently you guys are quite the social media users.
Him: We’re movin at the speed of light over here.
Agreed. And it's about time we caught up.

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