Friday, April 6, 2012

To Do: Relax

The first day of our four-day vacation is almost over, which makes me realize that not only are the last two weeks of class going to fly by, but summer vacation is going to speed by in a flash too.

There is so much I want to get done between May and August—you know, the stuff that people normally have time for (if they’re not in CreComm).

I made a list of the things I wanted to do during Christmas vacation and that didn’t go so well. So what’s the trick? Another list? Or maybe the key is to just relax… The only problem: lists relax me. I’m a compulsive list-maker, and proud of it.

So, with that being said… here is the beginning of my summer to-do list:

1. Try some new restaurants… I still haven’t been to Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant, and based on what I’ve heard it sounds like a good place to start…
2. Go to the movie theater at LEAST once… any chance they could speed up production of Anchorman 2? No? That’s okay because I’ve neglected Cinematheque for far too long.
3. Get in some days at the lake
4. Try out the new café at Assiniboine Park
5. Go to the Jazz Festival
6.  Hit up Corydon
7. Fringe!
8. Spend some time in between the stacks at McNally Robinson
9.  I’ve never been to Assiniboine Forest in the summer…
10. Gelato.

Now if the weather’s like it was last summer, I’ll be set…


  1. I always start my lists with "make to-do list" and then cross it off. Immediate sense of accomplishment :)

  2. This is a great list. For restaurants, I'd also recommend Deseo on Osborne, The Grove, Carbonne, and Deer + Almond (opening April 13 at 85 Princess St.)

    Excited for many gelati, and a lot of ice cream. nomnomnom.