Friday, March 9, 2012

IPP perspective

I spent the last three days watching over 60 presentations of amazing Independent Personal Projects.

A year's worth of blood, sweat and tears went into the projects that included videos, books, EPs, flash mobs…. (the list goes on). It was great to see the final products, but what I enjoyed most was hearing about the evolution of the projects.

Remembering to roll with the punches and navigating unexpected roadblocks (like a collapsed lung) is going to come in handy when it’s our turn to complete our IPPs. The presentations succeeded in instilling an equal part of fear and inspiration in me (I’m hoping the fear will fuel the inspiration).

During this “March Madness” it was nice to have some perspective on how far we’ll come in such a short period of time because in exactly one year it’ll be us at the podium... and I can’t wait.

I’ve finally settled on an IPP that will require me to beef up my video skills (and by “beef up my skills” I mean develop any at all). But you know what? I’m excited. Many of the students who chose a video IPP last year admitted they had no idea what they were doing when they started, and their projects turned out just fine. More than fine. Incredible. So fingers crossed the same happens for me.

Congratulations to all of the second-year CreComm students on a job well done!

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