Monday, January 2, 2012

I autofailed my holiday list...

So, it was a busy Christmas break for me.

I didn't get around to giving my blog a facelift (nor did I make a single post), and I pretty much autofailed my holiday checklist that I made before the break (see below).

However, I did have an incredible experience as an intern at the Winnipeg Free Press. For three weeks I was writing articles, making phone calls, trying not to panic, but most of all... learning.

My head is still swimming and I'll have more to write about it soon. A sneak peek: my adventures include going to the scene of two fires, trying to get an interview with Don Cherry, trying to decipher government press releases and more!

Until then, here's a report on how I did in terms of checking stuff off of the list of things I was planning on doing over the break:

1)      Read a book. Any book.: I read half of a book, and a good half it was.

2)     See a movie. Any movie: I didn't go to the theatre-- but I did watch The King's Speech on TV one afternoon. That counts, right?

3)     Eat good food: I didn't go out to eat, but had tons of great meals at home thanks to my foodie brother.

4)     Go to the Festival of Trees and Lights downtown: YES, did that.

5)     Spend some time at McNally Robinson: Nope, didn't make it there.

6)     Get in touch with friends and family I haven’t seen since CreComm orientation: I saw some of them on Christmas Day for a few hours...

7)     Go on a steady diet of Christmas cookies: YES-- very successful. 

8)    Go to the Canad Inns Winter Wonderland: Nope, but still hoping to.

9)     Go skating at The Forks: Nope, didn't even get near The Forks.

10)  Recharge for term 2: HA! No way--- but it's here nonetheless!

Looking forward to seeing all of the CreCommers tomorrow morning :)

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  1. What book did you read half of? And The King's Speech totally counts! Was that your first time watching it?

    And don't feel bad about the skating - last I heard it wasn't even open yet due to all the mild weather.

    Looking forward to hearing about your journalistic adventures!