Friday, October 14, 2011


Friday. End of the week.

This week (and every week since the end of last August) I’ve spent more time at school than at home, which means during the week I spend more time with my classmates than my own family.

Our instructor Duncan often tells us to partner up with our BFFCC (best friend forever in CreComm) and we all laugh, but when you’re with the same 25 people day in and day out, it’s amazing how fast you bond.

It’s safe to say that no one understands what’s going on in our daily lives better than our classmates. We’ve been through the autofailing lows and the post-election highs together. For the next two years CreComm will be front and centre in most of our lives and no one gets it better than other CreComms.

And I think there’s something really great about that. It’s been one of the surprising highlights of this program so far.

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Recently one of my classmates was absent for two days in a row. In my university days I wouldn’t have been concerned (or even noticed) but in CreComm, missing a day is a big deal. Missing two is cause for concern.

When he got back (he’d had the flu) he said he’d never had as much support from classmates before. A few people sent him a text or email to see if he was all right, and I was one of them.

At the end of August, I would’ve thought that would be crazy, a little stalker-ish and just plain nuts. Now, maybe some people in the program do think it’s nuts, but I’d like to think we all feel the same way: like we’re in this together.

My free time tonight is going to be spent with the same 25 people I’ve seen all week. Again, anyone from the “outside” might think that’s crazy. But you just don’t understand – you’re not in CreComm.

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  1. Alana Odegard this is why you make a good class president. I appreciated the support and was extremely touched from the concerns I received from my classmates.

    PS. Duncan uses great CreComm lingo.